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Code: ZTL Zebra Tailed Lizard (adults)

Zebra Tailed Lizard (adults)
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  • Zebra Tailed Lizard (adults)

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South Western United States and the North Western part of Mexico.They are not native to Florida but are found in parts of Florida they seem to be establishing themselves.

They have dark and light bands on their tails giving them their names. They also have other colors like orange to yellow around their mouths.The male of the Zebra Tailed Lizard also has two black dots that extend to blue coloring on their bellies females do not have any blue coloring. The Zebra Tailed Lizard as adults are 7 to 9 inches from snout to end of tail. These lizards are Diurnal meaning active during day. At night they like burrow into their substrate.

As a Terrestrial Lizard The Zebra Tailed Lizard prefers a rocky sandy substrate with plants or shrubs with open space. In captivity they need as large of a habitat that you are able to supply but the smallest should be at least a 30 gallon long aquarium for one.The habitat needs a few rocks and bushes real or fake for your lizard to hide.You will also need to include a water dish. They tolerate a wide range of Humidity and temperature but being from desert like it hot during the day so a basking area of 100 degrees and ambient temperature around 80 to 90 degrees night time they won’t need any heat or lights at regular household temperatures Your lizard will also need a 5.0 to a 10.0 uvb light to help with vitamin D3

Zebra Tailed Lizard eats variety of insects like crickets,mealworms,flies,and red worms. Zebra Tailed lizards in the wild would eat flowers and flower buds. As your pet you could offer a small piece of apple or tiny bit of spinach. You also will need to dust their insects at least once a month with calcium.