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Code: WM Water Monitor - Sumatran (big-babies)

Water Monitor - Sumatran (big-babies)
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  • Water Monitor - Sumatran (big-babies)

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Water monitors are the second largest lizard by weight in the world, adult males can reach 9 feet long and weigh 150 pounds, while females are much smaller reaching 4-5 feet long and weighing 100 pounds. They originate from Southeast Asia on to the Philippines. They are excellent swimmers and love the water so this is where their name came from.
Baby monitors can be kept in a 29 gallon tank but they grow quickly and soon will need a larger cage. Adults should be kept in a cage that is at least 8 long by 4 deep so keeping this in mind before you purchase that cute little baby should be considered.
Recommendation for bedding is bark or coconut bark because both of these hold moisture very well and it duplicates their natural environment. They come from high humidity environments so misting their enclosure satisfies this for proper shedding. Temperature should be maintained at 85-90 degrees with a basking spot of 95. Night temperatures should drop to 70 with hours of daylight being 12 Hours, 12 light 12 dark.
Lighting should be UVB but not a must, it enables the monitors to metabolize calcium by creating vitamin D3 but because their diet includes rodents and other live prey they usually can receive tis D3 from their diet. Change out your bulb every 6-8 months to ensure proper amounts of the UVB you are supplying.
Aw the fun part of having a monitor as a pet, live feedings. These guys are opportunist hunters are known to eat almost anything. Ideal foods are mice, rats, crawdads, crickets, super worms, beef heart and hard boiled eggs. A mixed diet of all these food items 4 to 5 times a week makes a very happy and healthy monitor.
If handled right from the start these guys become very tame just handling every day for a few hours will be enough. They can be potty trained to go to the same spot each time but takes lots of work but in the end well worth it. If you have the room and want a lizard that is more like a cat this is the lizard for you.