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Code: JCP Reticulated Python (c.b. babies)

Reticulated Python (c.b. babies)
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  • Reticulated Python (c.b. babies)

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You should have previous experience and feel comfortable with snakes before you consider purchasing one of these snakes. Size they can grow to over 16 possibly 25 and can live up to 30 yrs.
Morphs are yellow head, calico, albino, tiger, jaguar and normal. Diet consists of mice, rats, guinea pigs, and rabbits.
Breeding the males they should be 7-9 and females 11, there season ranges from September-March. Stop all feeding at this time.
Animals should have excellent weight and be established before any breeding is attempted. Breeding may be induced by reducing daytime photo periods to 8-10 hours and dropping the nighttime temps into the mid 70’s. Introduce the female into the males cage only and never house two males in the same cage as there can be horrific injuries.
Enclosure can be an aquarium or a custom built vivariums. Cages must be escape proof, easy to disinfect, free of sharp edges, ventilated and hold heat to proper temps. Avoid unfinished woods and porous surfaces when designing custom cages.
Heating should be kept at 88-92F on the floor so some sort of heating pad is necessary. Make sure that you also have a cooling area if the snake gets too warm so some sort of hiding place or a rock so they can thermo regulate. Caution should be used when using lamps because if it dry's out the snake it could cause health problems, kill or burn the snake.
Your baby retic should begin feeding on baby mice every 1-2 times a week resulting in rapid growth. At 5 it is capable of consuming adult rats, feed at least every 10 days for proper growth. Consider how large you wish the snake to get feed less often to slow the growth.
Shedding is dependent on the animals growth rate and condition and may occur every 3-6 weeks. Avoid handling after a sizeable meal it is stressful and may cause regurgitation.
Never handle the rodent then the snake they might mistake you for the food. They may be more apt to eat at night when it is dark so provide a hide box. If the animal refuses all feeding attempts and appears to be wasting away consult a veterinarian.
Diseases range from respiratory infections from cool temps or dry air so increase the temperature to 90F, clean infected area with a solution of 1.5% hydrogen peroxide 2x daily. Dry shed are due to dehydration, illness or stress. Thermal burns or belly rot are caused by exposing animal to a high heat source or unsanitary conditions.
Follow the procedure of the hydrogen peroxide and treat all damaged areas.