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Code: 1050 Thermo Meter (Exo Terra)

Thermo Meter (Exo Terra)
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  • Thermo Meter (Exo Terra)

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The Exo Terra Infrared Thermo Meter is a pocket sized, light-weight point and click thermometer that instantly measures the temperature of a surface or object. Point the Exo Terra Infrared Thermometer towards any desired object and with a click on the button the temperature will be shown on the large, easy to read digital display.

The Infrared Thermometer can be used to determine the temperature of basking sites, hiding caves and shelters, hibernation temperatures, incubation media, your reptiles body temperature, or to measure temperatures the spot during field trips. To determine temperature gradients, the Infrared Thermometer will measure the ambient temperature as long as you press and hold the button, once you release the button the last measured temperature will be displayed.

A small LED targeting light assists you to measure the correct spot and shows the diameter of the measured surface. It also allows you to scan difficult to measure spots with low light conditions, like inside hiding caves, behind branches, underneath leaves, etc. The Exo Terra Infrared Thermometer is an essential tool for every reptile keeper or field herper. Instantly measures temperatures of a surface or object- Ideal to monitor basking site & incubation medium temperatures.

Easy to use point & click. Temperature display in ԍF or ԍC. Auto shut-off after 15 seconds.  2 AAA Batteries included- Great tool for field herping