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Code: C3 Crocodile Monitor (4-5 feet)

Crocodile Monitor (4-5 feet)
Purchase Crocodile Monitor (4-5 feet)
  • Crocodile Monitor (4-5 feet)

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Crocodile Monitors also called (Varanus salvadorii)
Crocodile monitors are endemic to the island of New Guinea and nearby islands
Size and Longevity:
The Crocodile Monitor can get 8 feet if kept as a pet but has been known to reach 12 feet long in the wild. Growth rates of 2 inches per month. The tail make up to 2/3 of the monitor’s length. They live around 10 years. However, their life span should be comparable to other large captive monitors, which is 15 years or more
General Description:
Crocodile monitors come in a few different colors or shades of greens. Constant access to drinking water is vital. They have very on claws so handling even a tame one can be a little hard.
Habitat and Cage:
Adult crocodile monitors have been successfully kept in cages 18 x10 by 12 feet tall or larger. Provide lots of limbs vines, and a tree trunk, artificial, real plant to climb on. I have even seen owners put small garden ponds in that has water fountain and add gold fish so they can hunt. You can add a large bark platform for them to do their basking (95 to 110) cage temperature should be in the 80's. Humidity should be around 75%. They need a high cage that can hold many climbing branches.
Feeding and Handling: The crocodile monitors like to hunt their own food. They like to feed on birds and small mammals; you can also give them hard-boiled eggs.