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Code: 90 Beaked Moss - 5 qts (Zilla)

Beaked Moss - 5 qts (Zilla)
Purchase Beaked Moss - 5 qts (Zilla)
  • Beaked Moss - 5 qts (Zilla)

  • Code: 90
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100% natural terrarium moss is great for amphibians and reptiles that inhabit moist environments. The moss holds moisture, generating higher levels of humidity that is beneficial for tropical and forest species.

Provides a Realistic Setting for Reptiles and Amphibians.

Completely Natural (no dyes or chemicals).

Moisture stability with natural beauty. From the lush coniferous rain forests of Oregon, a moisture-loving moss that tropical reptiles thrive in.

Its natural moisture retention properties keep humidity levels uniformly high, while forming a lovely green carpet that’s the closest thing to home for rainforest reptiles. Looks great, and your favorite pet will love having it under foot! Since its 100% biodegradable, mulch it into your garden for natural disposal.

Ideal for Chameleons, Frogs, Green Anoles, Rainforest Geckos, Salamanders & Newts.